I am a manga and graphic novel artist in the South Bristol region, currently a student in Bristol UWE, studying Illustration. I've started to draw manga back in 2010, a main source of inspiration for me was the hit anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, since then I've like the science-fiction sub-genre. 

Since then I have drawn my own manga and graphic novel stories for various projects. I print to order, so every print and booklet sold is handcrafted and specially made with number of print. 




I tend to create my own stories. But i am not opposed to adapting written works to the page. I have used existing works to my advantage.


From story to story, we could create something very special


As a fan of manga and anime, I am always looking for inventive ways to express my stories. Most of the manga is of my own creation.


These tend to be more niche, focusing on sci-fi, mech and other genres.